Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"I Need Some Space" -Three HOT Trailers From The Third Rock From The Sun

I'm guessing Hollywood collectively decided that filming other "planets" was becoming WAY too expensive to do. Besides Earth is a thousand times more interesting! Hopefully we'll NEVER know in our lifetime how the end will come, but that doesn't stop us curious humans from forking our hard earned money to purchase tickets and sit for 2hrs. in a dark room full of strangers to find out. Myself included. Here are 3 sci-fi movies coming later this year that believe Earth is the last frontier. And prove we're just too fuc*in lazy to leave our orbit and visit our galaxies. LOL.

OBLIVION -Tom Cruise AFTER EARTH -Will & Jaden Smith STAR TREK: Into Darkness -J.J. Abrams

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