Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Here Comes The Men In Black (Clap Clap)!" -The Block Unified Dress Code

Agents J & K wore it. Vincent & Jules rocked it.  Reservoir Dogs made it cool. The Crazy 88's killed it! And the agents from the Matrix made you FEAR it. So what will the Block Association do with it the timeless black suit, white shirt, black tie look? Make you RESPECT it! When deciding on a dress code/unified look that best represented us AND silently made a statement visually when worn as a collective, this iconic images came to mind in helping us make our decision. I'm bringing this up, and saying all this to say that THIS FRIDAY (Sept.14th) the WHOLE bloodclot Block Boys team will be dapper looking like the Blues Brothers (minus the hats and white faces of course) for "Virgo's Night Out" Vol.3! Our 3rd annual Block Association collective Virgo birthday event. Being held this year within our NEW 3 week old (every) Friday night party "NEW JACK CITY" (37 W.17th near 6th ave.) aka J'Adore. The look is both gangster and reserved at the same damn time. If you're a Virgo (or not) and you plan to attend and celebrate with us, OR you just wanna play your part in the movement, by all means "...Get ya black suits up!" as Jay-Z once said.  It's gonna look GREAT on film!

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