Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Sign Says VIRGOS AHEAD!" -VIRGO'S NIGHT OUT Returns Friday, Sept. 14th

Ladies have you EVER dated a Virgo man? Yes, we're focused on our goals. Yes, we're anal about details. and YES, our sexual prowess and bedroom stamina are both legendary and hard to find these days! Now question,  have you ever dated FOUR Virgos at the same damn time? No, I didn't mean it like that (that's unless you're into it) I mean to say, MAKE a date to spend with four of NYC social life's favorite Virgos Friday Sept.14th for their yearly collaborative birthdays! Just one of these individuals birthday ALONE is an event! So just imagine the combined might of all FOUR together on ONE NIGHT! YIKES!!! Guaranteed hangover, cleaners bill, and prescription for RU-486 that night man! When the Virgo Block Boys go in we go IN! LOL! If you're in a relationship...start the break up process NOW! So by next week come Friday, all those "How come you JUST now getting home at 3pm?" or "What's all this white icing on your skirt from?" questions can be avoided. HAHAHAHA (Joker voice)! Here's full details to where this s**t is going DOWN...basement!

"VIRGO'S NIGHT OUT" is takes place this year at...

"New Jack City"
@ J' Adore -37 W17th St. bet 5th ave and 6th Ave
Friday Sept 14th , 2012
Music by: DJ GOLDFINGER & special guest Dj's
Admission Details: Ladies NO COVER all night
and gents small fee for entry
Sponsored By: Ciroc (open Ciroc bar for ladies from 11pm-12am )
Dress code: Your at your absolute f**kin' BEST! (NO HATS, NO T-shirts , NO SHORTS , NO Boots) Collard shirt/Blazers/Polo Shirts/loafers/jeans/trendy sneakers/stylish attire is highly recommended for entry please arrive in proper upscale fashionable attire for a easy entry to this event. This will be A Doorman's Discretion Event. You must be dressed properly for this event or admission will be denied.

"New Jack City" Bottle specials and deals (These are all in , tax & gratuity)
1. 2 for $400 all in 750 size Ciroc & goose b4 12am
2. 2 Ciroc or goose $550 all night with free rose champagne and hookah b4 1am
3. 2 Hennessy or Patron. $600 all night with free rose champagne and hookah b4 1am
4. 2 Rose Champagne for $550 all in & all night 5. 2 Veuve clicquot for $400 all in & all night

Mandatory RSVP

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