Friday, September 28, 2012

""Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.299)

I'm not too too sure how this happen but, I "found" some pics I overlooked and forgot to add in the gallery of photos taken @ "SKYFALL." I must admit now that I gotten a chance to view them all over again, I gotta say that..."We have a f**kin' gorgeous looking crowd of folks we bring out!" And (no offense to anyone) this social circle isn't even the upper echelon blk. crowd that "the industry" events are known to draw. Give yourself a round of applause for just looking so DAMN good man! Not to say that "ugly" folks should have a right to party like the rest of us. It's that they aren't choosing to party WITH us! What? I'm just sayin'! #FreiSpeech Anyways again I say this to say WE (the Block Association/the Block Boys) appreciate the support and effort you put in to attend our events ooking the way you do! Love IS love. See you guys at the party Sunday we're throwing just for YOU, "Rock & Bowl" @300 Lanes / Chelsea Piers 6pm-12pm w/ NY Giants vs Philly Eagles game on.

BTW Micheal Morrow/Philadelphia Status NEEDS to form a bowling team and come challenge us it'll REALLY be NY vs Philly fa real fa real! LOL!

We're launching "BLOCKTOBER" NEXT Sunday with...

the Block Association & Blacklight Entertainment Present "Sunglasses & Advil" Any Given Sunday Series Vol. ll
@Pranna- 79 Madison Ave on the Corner of 28th St.
Date: Sunday October 7 , 2012 ( Columbus Day Weekend )
Event starts: 3pm-10pm ( Day Party )
Music by:DJ Trauma & Danny Ocean 
Hosted by: the Block Boys 
MC: Silky Valente 
Sponsored By: MADE DRINKS 
RSVP: Sunglasses-n-Advil

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