Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt. 298)

Man it seems like forever since I last posted pics from the latest adventures the Block Boys get into. So this post I'll be playing catch up with you to bring you up to speed on what's been going down. Okay what we have below are picture from a couple of events that's transpired over the last few days ago. I even post pics from another site (a former NO NO for me) only to give you the full story. Now so people are blessed to get a few friend together for a birthday celebration. But THESE lucky (Block Association Virgo) bastards have a few! Posted below are a few flicks from our road trip out to Philly for the "M.A.D.E. In America" day party w/ Philadelphia Status Brand. I stayed out there so I had to "borrow" pics (from 7 Days 7 Nights) to show you the team's cameo appearance at "Mean Shoe Game" that happened at Pranna. Labor day Monday the Collective & the Block continued the festivities with a impromptu BBQ over DJ Trauma's crib w/guest appearances by (former America's Next Top Model's) Camille McDonald & Brand Nubian Sadat X (who blessed the mic)! The following Saturday was ANOTHER stoop party BBQ we hosted during the "Spread Love Fest" block party/concert Vodou Bar had. Then after ONE MORE BBQ on Sunday (hey we had food left over from Saturday...don't judge) we gathered the crew to celebrate the birthdays both Frei Speech & Keith MAJOR at the same damn time! THANKS goes out to MADE drinks for the "liquid" support and to Vodou Bar for involving the Block in their movement. And a S/O Happy B'day to Mark Esquire a fly fellow Virgo. If you missed ANY of those events I just mentioned then by all means join us for our HUGE 3rd annual Virgo toast to life..."VIRGO'S NIGHT OUT" this Friday @J'Adore ("New Jack City" -37 W.17th St near 6th Ave.).

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