Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Wave Ya Hands, If You Feel Me!" -Top Ten Things You'll Likely Hear At An R&B Concert

Every year I attend my fair share of live music outings that one can take in. But after a few, you start to see (or hear in this case) a common pattern shared among each and every artist performing. So if you go to a TON of concerts like I do, OR you're an up & coming singer and need a on stage dialogue "how to" here's a list of on stage cliches'

1. "Sound man, can you turn the sound/my mic up a lil' bit in the monitors?"
2. "How many single ladies in the house tonight?"
3. "If you know the song sing along OR clap your hands!"
4. "I heard [name the city] had the livest crowd!"
5. In the middle or end of the show, name each band member
6. Mention you have a new album that's coming out or IS out.
7. Ask "How many of you got the latest album?" then joke "Now how many of you downloaded the bootleg?"
8. Point to random chick in the crowd and say "This song is for YOU!"
9. The crowd randomly shouts out songs that they wanna hear the artist perform.
10. Artist teases "This is my LAST song for the night." only to come back to do a THREE more songs!

Leave a comment OR e-mail me if you think of any I might've forgotten (LOL) Thank you and GOODNIGHT! *drops mic & raises hands!

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