Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.298)

Okay folks, now THAT'S how you end the motherf**kin' summer right!!! If you didn't know or hear about it, this pass Sunday was the GRAND FINALE ending to the Block Association's summer run of roof top day time parties. And WHAT an ending it was! DJ Mello & DJ Goldfinger should be called "the Replacement Killers" they filled in quite nicely for a "I'm in London bitches!" DJ Trauma & the "I was suppose to go to ATL" Danny Ocean. Keeping the dance floor moving from door opening to shut down! Let's give it up to those guys, EXCELLENT job fellas! And speaking of guys, take a long glance at the pics posted below. If she told you she was "out with the girls" on Sunday but never mentioned just WHERE, then mystery solved! She's all dressed up taking flicks with the Block Boys (or Showcase Ent...or maybe even Empire Entity) enjoying life with about 600 other folks! If you HEARD that "SKYFALL" was a blast, you GOD damn right it was! But we're NOT done with you just yet. Wait...there's more! THIS SUNDAY (Sept.30th) coming we'll be giving back on big time to THANK YOU (yes YOU) for playing a HUGE part in the success we've had this year (so far) and the year gone pass. The Block Association is hosting a customer appreciation bowling party at Chelsea Pier's 300 Lanes to toast our come up in the game. Again it will be mid day to late evening hr of 3pm-9pm this time. NO COVER for EVERYONE and (get this) FREE BOWLING TOO! Yep you hear me right FREE DOLLARS! Just RSVP right about HERE.  Can't make it this Sunday? No worries, we got you boo! Sunday, Oct 7th we're back in Pranna for the second only day party we've EVER done there since FEBRUARY! "Sunglasses & Advil" ...day party will be SO REAL! NO EXCUSES! Make it to one OR both!


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