Thursday, April 28, 2011

"C.U. At The (Insta) Grammys!" -Columbia U + Instagram + IPhone = Job Photo Shoot

Now I'm not one to be on Twitter very much. Other than posting links to bring unknowingly folks back to this very blog, I'm not inspired by what I generally read being tossed back and forth and recycled/re-tweeted on there. However, I did read a time lined tweet I saw that @djdnice had posted some pics of B.O.B., Wale, Snoop, & 50 using Instagram and giving it HIGH praise on there. For those not in the loop, Instagram is a GREAT app tool on the iPhone/iPad for photographers both novice & skilled alike. Which brings me to this point. Just yesterday, based on how sunny it was, I decided to REALLY explore the app and the camera (which I NEVER hardly all!) on my iPhone and do a "photo shoot" of some cool stuff that caught my eye around my gig at Columbia U. didn't think I worked huh? Sh****t, I gots bills to pay too man. LOL! Anyways, I cut down the amount and posted my favs below to show you (and myself) that with a good eye/app ANYTHING is possible! And speaking of cutting, who's cutting me the check for this heavy endorsement? Send your best Instagram pics (to and if
(big on the IF) I like 'em I'll post them here on the blog. Now go get 'Gram crackers kids! Enjoy...




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wow! Your instagram pics are hot!!!

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