Monday, April 11, 2011

"Hanna Barbarian" -Hanna Movie Review

Okay I'm gonna switch it up a bit for this review and break it up into two groups "Rant & Rave" so I can give you the full movie going experience I had to deal with upon viewing this. So first here goes the "rant" part:

Ladies/Gents, or just parents in general PLEASE explain to me why in the Hell would you bring a cranky ass 1-2 yr. old to a PG-13 movie?!? It's a dark room and it NOT bed time so I can understand their confusion. It's NOT a cartoon/computer animation film so what's holding their interest. AND you constantly telling them to "Shhh" is JUST as annoying (if not MORE) as the actual whining itself! How many "evil eye" look must everyone turn around and give you before you shut that baby's pacifier hole up? Sheesh Louise! THEN in my mutherf**kin' left ear I had some broad shout out "Oh no that bitch just didn't do that!" EVERY action sequence! I'm like WTBC (what the blood clot) mannnn! SOMEBODIES giving me some money back after this s**t! Wusa moment. I had to get off my chest. And now the "rave" part:

Yo this flick was an adrenaline rush from start to finish!
Extremely well paced for a "coming of age" action flick with a young female lead...unheard of! From the first scenes to establishing the "father daughter" relationship between leads Bana & Ronan, you understand the reasons why he's being so sadistic in his raising/training of Hanna. They live in the deep forest tundra, but it's an even colder world out there. What was different about this flick (besides an original plot) is that the protagonist is "captured" in the beginning of the film as opposed to the middle or end like most films. Hanna quickly understands exactly why "Poppa" nurtured her to "adapt or die" based on the fact that her surroundings would change drastically once she was out of his watchful eye. Cate Blanchett plays a pitch perfect villain looking to just cover up a past mistake, that proves to be a MUCH bigger task than had expected. Once Hanna breaks loose so does all Hell. The movie does a great job at keeping you in the fog about Hanna's origin. And the audience doesn't find out the truth about just who she is until she does. Dopeness! From the way it ends I smell a Pt.2 some where to come. Has a very indie style Tarantino/Guy Ritche feel to it, 4 out of 5 M's for this one!

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