Monday, April 4, 2011

"I'm Gon' Need You To Say Somthing Baby!" -Let Your Inner Fashionista Be Heard!

One day causally I mentioned to someone in conversation that "We should host an event for Black Fashion Month..." They quickly agreed then pause to question "Wait...WHAT month is that?" To which I replied "It DOESN'T yet, but it should!" To which was the spark that lit a fuse in me to aggressively pursue a means to help bring to fruition this historically ground breaking pioneering dream of mine (and now my team the Block Association). Why April? April is the start of renewal, resurrection, in a word "getting fresh." So being that we as a culture had Feb. as Black History Month, June was elected as Black Music Month, we collectively felt that our (people of color) contributions to the fashion industry NEEDS to be recognized as well. Agreed? So being the proactive folks that we are, we decided to take on this daunting task with camera in hand, and start a grassroots campaign to push to make this dream of ours a reality. It well deserved. Here's a brief look at the steps we've taken to put our foot down.

April is...Black Fashion Month!
"Fashion 500" -Spring Gala is April 23rd

Fashion bloggers, fashion photogs, stylist, Black boutique owners, make-up artist,
designers, hair stylist, personal shoppers, models of color, etc.
If Interested we are STILL Filming interviews:

Sat April 9th, 16th
location given once contacted
Subject line "April is...BFM"

Black History Month, Black Music Month, now
April is...Black Fashion Month

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