Monday, April 25, 2011

"I'll House You! You In My Hood Now!" - #One More Chance Video Revisited...Real B.I.G!

Lord knows I been (and thrown) a zillion plus parties in my lifetime. So for me to be excited about any party...let alone a HOUSE party it has to be pretty MAJOR! And I'm happy to say this party was just that case! I was talking about us doing one for the longest but the timing never panned out. However on Saturday April 9th all the right key ingredients came together to make this one of the most memorable house parties held in Brooklyn...EVER! First off it was (singer/good friend) Malene Younglao's b'day, plus DJ Ben-Ha-Meen was toasting his new residency in Brooklyn, then add on top of that the Block Association & Alador & Smith two of the biggest & best social event planning teams from Brooklyn co-signing it. Beside the fact that the weather was acting right that night. Yep...a PERFECT STORM! I live on the very next block from Alador & Smith Manor (where it was held) so I took a nap that night thinking "Eh, it'll start late so I'll stroll around like say 11-11:30ish to beat the rush." BOY did I sleep! Got there 11:30 to be welcomed by a full house! Front to back, main floor to bottom! Lucky me, I remembered to bring my new BF (Canon T2I) with me just in case folks don't believe what we get so hyped about. Funny enough this was one: SUPPOSE to be a small lil' comfortable get together with the peeps to celebrate M. Younglao's b'day. You know "hush hush" style. And secondly this was thrown together the SAME DAY in a matter of a few hours SON!!!! I say this to help you understand just why I was SO not expecting it to be "ZOOISH" at 11 freaking 30 at night! Anyway here's the footage capture of the "Big Foot" of house parties. We're dedicating this one to the best that ever did it (a house party) on film. B.I.G

BTW; Here's that unforgettable text that went out that makes me laugh to this day!

DJ Trauma said:

"Ya'll comin thru to the house party 2nite? Should be quite festive... Tell peeps to bring bottles... do we have any more stashed from past events?

Here's the info I send: House Party 2nite!!!... 2** Hancock bet Marcy & Tompkins. Midnight -until. Bring a bottle pls. #OneMoreChanceVideo

By the way... No need to send a blast. I don't want it to b TOO much. Just tell certain shawties & very select dudes that will bring liqs"

WORD Trauma?!? With texting, Tweeter & Facebook nowadays is that even POSSIBLE!

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