Friday, April 22, 2011

"The Faces Of Def!" -Pt.3 Of "April Is...Black Fashion Month" Portraits

Man I'm getting GOOD at this!!! And speaking of good, I figured for Good Friday I'd go head & post some of the last batch of candid portraits taken during our on-camera interviewing sessions for "April Is...Black Fashion Month PSA" Pictured below (top to bottom) is this year host Camille McDonald (Model/Hostess), & honorees Dreu Beckemburg (Wardrobe Stylist/Sponsor), George T. Harris (Carter Magazine/Vinnie Styles), and (Male Model) Chavis Aaron. Who shot ya? Yep that would be me! (lol) Hope to see you guys in attendance for the historical Fashion 500. Or TONIGHT at "The Class Reunion" -277 Cumberland (corner of Lafayette) 9pm-2am FREE all night! BTW Welcome home Selena Ayala (Model)!

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