Friday, April 1, 2011

"Ocean's Away!" -Frank Ocean Get Ultra Nostalgic

Now wait before you start thinking "Dude you're JUST now hearing about him?" Pause. I waited purposely to post about my latest musical obsession Frank Ocean's "Nostalgia/Ultra" because I didn't wanna appear like I was jumping bandwagons due to his Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them ALL (or Odd Future or better yet OFWGKTA) association. But after a GOOD solid week of soaking in each and every daddy is the TRUTH! Why? Not only are is choices of cover/samples outside the box, the LYRICS are oceanic deep. Not your usual R&B (Rap & Bulls**t) fare about ass chasing, and couch surfing in the clubs wasted off of X amount of bottles you and your team popped! Ocean actually takes the time to poetically paint abstract pictures with words to tell stories that are relate able. "American Wedding", "There Will Be Tears", & "Strawberry Swing" are the finest examples of this. Though the music is not original his TAKE approach to them are. On first listen to those that have "musical deficiency" you'd think the track we're customized like the BMW on the "virtual" cover of this mixtape. Nah! Coldplay, MGMT, and Mr. Hudson all lend tunes to Frank's intro into "the Machine" aka the industry. Gotta say, it's the BEST mixtape I've experience I had in a while since Drake's "So Far Gone" release a ways back. And speaking Drake (BTW Kanye too) don't be shocked if you hear one of this guys donating a verse or two to his stuff in the future. Beyonce's ALREADY working with dude! Get up! Listen, if you plan to jump into Ocean's music you better know how to "Swim Good!" Download it HERE!

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