Saturday, September 17, 2011

"No Spooning Tonight Honey, We Forking!" - #FlashMobDinnerParty

ATTENTION ATTENTION: All foodies, fashionistas, socialites, trendsetters, culture connoisseurs, swagger braggers, & style mavericks! "the Jay-Z & Kanye of dinner parties" are itching to drop another follow up to their first hit "single" Prim & Proper released Mon. Aug. 29th on Journ3y Men's Jason Smith Jr.'s B'day! Those that were in attendance will tell was a GOOD look! So to keep it consistent the LAST MONDAY of the month seem like a good enough time to lift off yet another ill gathering of like minded folks look for a different social experience other than the club. Done.


Monday, Sept. 26th
the Block Boys + Journ3y Men invite all our fashionable friends to our #FlashMobDinnerParty -A fashionable dining/social experience
w/ names +guest(s) amount
Cocktail attire is required. Gents a button down, blazer, or tie is highly suggested!

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