Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.263)

Hey, did you FEEL that? I would swear New York got hit by ANOTHER quake Monday night! Cause EVERYONE was floored by the outstandingly good looking turnout that took over Beauty & Essex for our (the Block Boys/Block Association & Journ3y Men) second only dinner party! There's alot of words on how best to describe this event, and SPEECHLESS is in the top three. I'm guessing at WHY we had such a HUGE attendance was one, Aisha Hinds is LOVED my many who came to check her in between her coast hopping. Maybe it was perfect timing that Mike Mancini's (surprise!) b'day was hosted there with us. It could be that people were curious about this new Men's accessory line Logan Zane that's getting major buzz right now. Or perhaps folks just NEEDED a GREAT excuse to get "dolled up" and help bring back some excitement to the otherwise dead NYC nightlife scene. Plus the restaurant we chose (B&E) HAD to play a major part in it too huh? What I'm hoping is that we're on such a HOT streak, that folks dare not miss a thing ,or live with the regret of not adding yet ANOTHER monumental moment to their lives! Well WHATEVER the case may be, the s**t was DOPE! So of course we're pushing to do a 3rd one, which falls on the last Monday of the month. That by coincidence happens to be Halloween night!!! That would be AWWWESOME right? Do us a solid and hit up @BeautyandEssex on Twitter and say "We NEED @theBlockAssoc + @Journ3yMen BACK for Halloween!" #FlashMobDinnerParty and let's see what happens! In the meantime peep the pics the the teaser video I shot all by my lonesome this time!

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