Monday, September 26, 2011

"Poppin' Tags & Shopping Bags"-The Emperor's USED Clothes

I think it's pretty common knowledge by those that know me well that I tend to favor the vintage stuff when it comes to my wardrobe. But I'm not bias to update my look to the more modern stuff the reflects the current looks of today. However coming from being a retail buyer for the Brooklyn Circus at one time, and having being awoken to the true prices of items vs the marked up price, I REFUSE to buy things at full price anymore. ESPECIALLY being that they're no where close to the quality of the older vintage sh** I cop! But I digress, I WILL shop at a consignment shop still looking to beat that retail sticker to the (wallet) punch. So in search of that S**T that will get the people talking I've come around one of the better least for Men I know. And low and behold you can shop from them on-line TOO! And just in time for you guys to cop something to wear to our #FlashMobDinnerParty ("Prim & Proper") tonight (7pm-12pm) at Beauty & Essex. You can RSVP but the list MAY be closed now...but try at least. BTW it's NOT too too late to get me a b'day gift (wink)!

INA Men's
19 Prince Street
(212) 334 2210
Mon – Sat 12 to 8 pm
Sun 12 to 7 pm

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