Monday, September 19, 2011

"Just Throw It In The Bag!" -Cavier Dreams & B'day Wishes

MAN, I've had it up to here (hand high over head) with folks using the lame excuse of "You seem like a person that has EVERYTHING!" to cop out of buying me a gift round birthday time! HOW would you know that if you don't ASK if I do? Hmmm? I firmly believe in the nature of humans not NEEDING anything. But WANTING some stuff...that's a different beast all together! So to take the guess work out of trying to run the streets wondering "I think he might like this." I decided to cut the guess work out and hit you with a list to make things a bit easier. Exactly WHERE you can find these things is up to you! I can't do ALL the work man! Grab a pen quick!

You can NEVER can go wrong with some "smell goods" right? I think I need a Fall scent cause my Summer one was Swea Te' Le Funk, so this bottle of Bleu by Chanel will definitely be an upgrade by all means for me! Don't be cheap either and ask around if the Muslim oil dudes carry this!

Whilst looking for an all black watch to rock for our "Virgos Night Out" affair I winded up buying a black Vector watch. But this Nixon ceramic joint was what I had my eye on! But my wallet was like "Ni**a have you even LOOKED inside me lately? You must be hiding cash behind that Metrocard or something!"
Sooo based on the advice of "Mr.Wally the Wallet" I passed up on it. But if you're having a great fiscal year then keep me in mind. It's Don Cheadle TIME!

Ever since I dismantled my ancient stereo system, I don't play music around the house anymore. Having to earphones in a women's ear during whoopi is NOT the move! Unless she's into that. So the grown man thing to do is buy one of these iPod/iPhone docking stations that I can crank my "Slow Grind" playlist on at high levels so that the neighbors will hear more Al Green than me...I meant her. Bowers & Wilkins makes this one but, there are some other less costly one that do just as good a job.

And speaking of iPhones, BOY do I need a case for my boy! I drop my phone like it's hot, so I need a buffer to deflect me from cracking my screen like a lil' league ball player w/ a neighbors car window! Marc Jacobs (Fellow Art & Design High School alumni) make these SWEET ones!

This one is a bit weird to add to the list be those that KNOW me wouldn't be shock to say the least! It's a piece of wall art the resembles a surveillance camera (OBVI-
) that I just f**kin dig with NO real explain
-ation other than I think it's COOL! You can cop these at the uber cool store that sells house swag stuff The Future Perfect! This will set you back $160 which ain't too too bad compared to their other other prices!

No brainer if you saw this movie! I dug it from start to finish. So begin that I'm still clinging to the OLD ways of still actually collecting DVD's this would be a FINE addition!

Same for this 6 piece and a biscuit joint! It's a given for ANY Star Wars or even movie fan to have in the stash! So WHAT, call me a nerd/geek! I STILL dress better than you!

Lastly, I'm looking for cool stuff to frame to add to my freshly painted walls I've finally finished. These reprints of old Subway rolls ever nostalgic enough to blend right n with my quirky decor. AND it's WAY cheaper then the originals go for these days!

So that's all for now. You can shop on-line while your busy reading this!

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