Monday, September 26, 2011

"You Got Served!" -How To Attend A Plate Date W/ (Block) Boys To (Journ3y) Men...PROPER!

So you've NEVER been to a dinner party huh? EVER? In life?!? Well not to put you on blast but, HOW old are you again? LOL I'm joking (eh, half joking) but please by all means, we're welcoming newbies all the same. We're here to uplift one another correct? Cool! Anyways some of you may have had questions about what's going down tonight even though you RSVP'd and didn't even bother to read the details OR just honestly (or ignorantly...I kid again) don't know WHAT a dinner party (rather THIS dinner party) what's to be expected. So here I am to fill you in and UP!

Q. Is there a cover AND food and drink charge?
A. There is NO COVER what so ever! However your bill for what you consume is on YOU player! Unless someone pulls that black card out on us blacks, then THAT'S a different story altogether! Then we "...Out here ballin'! I know you hear my sneaks!"

Q. Is it expensive? Will I have to take a loan out to eat?
A. Prices are about average for a restaurant of this caliber. Most dishes start from $12-$48 dollars. Drinks $12-$22 per glass Rosay about $110 a bottle & Veuve is $85

Q.Location again PLEASE?
A. Beauty & Essex is ON Essex St. in the Lower East Side off of Rivington St. We'll be occupying the WHOLE top floor lounge, once you pass the door after the pawn shop (YES! Pawn shop) inside.

Q. Can I wear jeans? What about sneaks?
A. HELL YEAH! You CAN wear those, but you won't be getting in here! Perhaps there's a sports bar that's open across the street. They'll GLADLY take your business. Game time! Seriously though, the point is to be as dressy as YOU feel you can be. It's the time to wear that "I never get to wear this" attire. Decadence can NEVER be hated on. Bad shoes can though.

Q.Is this a sit down dinner thing? And will I be able to shake my ass?
A. Ummm WHO eats standing up idiot? Sorry that was harsh...dummy! Seating is first come first serve due to the amount of people expected to attend. So be patient! And YES people, the "party" part of "dinner party" means that there WILL be a DJ playing tunes...four in fact! FreelikeFrei, DJ CEO may play a guest set, DJ Trauma, and even myself perhaps. So yeah.

Q. Why a dinner party? What's the reasoning behind it?
A. We were thinking "F**K IT! Why NOT?" We gather together for all types of frivolous occasions, why not do it to toast black/brown excellence while we're still at the age to enjoy the s**t! Ain't no other feeling of DOPENESS! like looking around a room filled with affluent, well dressed, intelligent black/brown folks! No birthdays have to be involved, just toasting to LIFE and all that you can accomplish in it. Besides our people like to EAT, just as much as we like to party...If not more! Our motto is; "The fruits of my labor are grapes, and I'm about to make wine and toast" -the Block Boys

Q. I heard somewhere that there's champagne served in the ladies room. True?
A. Damn! You thirsty for drinks like THAT? Yes that is correct, but they ALSO have mints try some of those out TOO!

Q.Would I be judged at the next social gathering, if I leave with a different guy than I came there with?
A. Well NOT by me fo sho (hoe)! If one of the guys you leave with is one of the Block Boys or Journ3y Men...well HEY (hoe)! Blame it on all that free liquor you drank from the bathroom to ya man the NEXT morning! Good NIGHT (hoe)!

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