Monday, September 26, 2011

"Good Looking Out Homie!" -Visual Aids To Help The Cause. Get #FlashMob Deep On 'Em!

Per suggestion by one of my Block Boy associates (Carlito), I was told that maybe it would be wise to post some dress standards for our expected attendees coming out to our (2nd) GUEST LIST ONLY dinner event "Prim & Proper" being held at Beauty & Essex later this evening. So never to turn down a GREAT idea, I decided to post this fresh in the am. Now ladies, your FINE! And I mean that in every sense of the word. We've NEVER had a problem with you guys fashion style. However the fellas DO need a bit of work done. NOT all but a very small percentage can use the advice. We've seen certain dudes (wink wink) wear stuff to our events that SHOULDN'T even be in their closet! Let alone on their body (IE jeans w/ patchwork on the pockets...huh?). But help has arrived! I "curated" (ummm stole) some images from one of my favorite new Men's fashion blogs (Moda Fukin Swag) that will provide a GREAT direction to head towards, cause the OTHER direction will have you facing the EXIT sign! And that's just #FreiSpeech! #FlashMobDinnerParty will be a PROBLEM! Dinner roll...

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