Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Wham BAM Thank You Jam! -Yazarah Concert Live At BAM Cafe'

Talk about irony man! Peep it, last Sat. after 'Frei (the Ahficionados) and I had a video editing session trying to get this "Hello Brooklyn!" trailer out on time for this Saturday's (Jan.29th) return to Ultraviolet. We both decided afterwards to run through and check out that BAM Cafe' free concert (featuring Yazarah St. James) I was hearing about, that Hard Hittin' Harry was DJaying for. Not but ten minutes inside, up comes a young lady to me (Anita Bryant, whom I DIDN'T recognize at the time) asking if it was possible to take pictures of the event for her. In my mind I was like "Huh? I JUST got this thing! You asking the WRONG dude!" but keep a poker face and agreed anyhow. Once she gave me the "Back up can't you see I'm working" all-access press pass, It was TOO late to turn back then. So long story short, here's the pictures I captured for them. Hope that they meet your approval, I did the best that I know.

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cliqphoto said...

you did a great job on the fly. PERFECT - CLIQ

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