Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The Force Is Strong With This One!" -Luke's Place Is Brooklyn At It's Best

So right after the Yazarah St. James show I attended at BAM, how convenient was it that Ade (1/3 owner of En restaurant) was having a lil' get together for his b'day at the redesigned space (same location) damn near four blocks away! Now renamed Luke's Place, he was more than proud to show off the renewed space that took only TWO WEEKS(!) to revision. Luke's compared to the former En, is much wider, sleek, and if possible SEXIER then before. which is a GREAT addition to the ever growing Brooklyn night life scene. DJ London was n deck plying tunes to warm up the birthday boys attendees coming in from the frigid cold weather. FYI* there's no need to worry, the food is still a big draw to coming here like before. I think "VERY impress I am!" is what I'm sure Yoda would say about Luke ('s Place). Here's some footage pictures.

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