Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Shots! Shots! Shots!" -I'm A Rebel (T2I) With A Cause...

As we embark on a NEW year, I've taken it upon myself to embark on a NEW challenge! Never the one to rest on my laurels I've decided to take my "lil' photography hobby" up a notch, and learn some skilled techniques to make my photos BETTER! AND I'm learning all hands on/self taught at that. Folks who known me realized in a short amount of time I've personally gone through quite a number of cameras. Even I didn't realize just HOW many till I recently started throwing away the empty boxes and manuals collecting dust in my nightstand draw. Some came from replacing lost ones OR simply longing to upgrade from the current one I was using at the time. But this time is DIFFERENT! I think (or at least feel) that I now own the two that I'll be comfortable rocking with for a while (IE a couple of years to come). And those are the G11 (yeah I know the G12 is now out rocking 1080 HD), and the Canon Rebel T2I/550D that I became OBSESSED about after a friend let me peep the video quality on his one day. Here's a few examples of some "test" shots I've posted using this HDR software that's become a good friend of mine too. I'll shoot some video soon too, so you can fully understand the pure RAW* "awesomeness" of the Rebel T2I! Look they shooting! Ah, made you look!

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