Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"New Jack Gritty" -True Grit Review

If you did like half of America did over the holidays, decided to take in a movie, and it wasn't Little Fockers, then the only other sane adult option was this Coen Bros. remake True Grit (I'm assuming that you've seen Black Swan already of course). Let me be quite honest with you up front, I've NEVER seen a western style movie in the theaters...EVER. But as a matured movie goer, I've grown to appreciate a GREAT story w/ substance and even better acting, than paying to see explosions, insane amounts of violence, and over paid actors. But after hearing the acting line- up, the Coen's directorial involvement, and the hype about this break-out new young actress plucked from obscurity, my ticket was SOLD! Between you and me , the last western I've watched and was hooked into was Young Guns I & II, HONESTLY! No lie folks. Bad huh? Anyways this film's highlight isn't the shoot 'em up, gun fights westerns are known for. It's the rapid fire word play and wit that's exchanged back and forth between the starring actors. Especially the wiser than her age "Mattie Ross" (played by young actress Hailee Steinfeld) who out for retribution for her decreased father murdered in cold blood by "Tom Chaney" (Josh Brolin's character). This is were surly one-eyed U.S. Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) gets reluctantly dragged into the mix along with Texas ranger La Boeuf (played by Matt Damon) when Mattie "out sources" his services to help hunt the killer down. What I was most impressed by when watching was the quick pace story telling and the comedic timing all the actors shared together, as if the had acted together for ages. Me personally, would find it intimating as a first timer to the big screen, to be not only paired with such big names actors all at once. But to have SO MUCH screen time, and have to carry a major released film! Kudos to Hailee on that one! Anyways long story short this joint was a great distraction from the cold weather and piling garbage that New York is currently having. Also it made me think "I CAN'T wait till Tarantino does his version of a Western!" Imagine how dope THAT would be? Okay so True Grit gets 4 out of 5 M's and that's ONLY cause I wished it had ended differently. Oh BTW, here's some poster variations I found that didn't make the cut State side.

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