Friday, January 28, 2011

"He States Black Is Black..."-Worth a Thousand Words By Russell Fredrick

When ever in your lifetime would you get the opportunity to say you not only SAW the next upcoming Gordon Parks, but you helped fund his FIRST EVER solo photo exhibition? Huh? Will if you help make a small donation towards my long time good friend & photography inspiration Russell Fredrick, you'll be doing JUST that! From Bed-Stuy to Katrina and back, this man has single-handedly documented through pictures, both the beauty and the burden our African-American culture bears. And he does so with such a reserved style that you can EASILY see he's photos accompanying words by some great poet. Real rap! So help in some small or even big way set this man's goal in motion to achieving a chance of his (and your) lifetime, sharing his artist vision with the rest of the WORLD! Click HERE to change his life!

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