Friday, December 28, 2012

"And The Band Played On!" -The Block's 1st Music Video "It's A Toast"

During the summer (around July to be exact) the Block Association released an anniversary mixtape ("Crew Love") that featured the original single "It's A Toast" custom made for the team to be our anthem of sorts. Now fast forward 5 months later and we are FINALLY getting around to doing a video for it! However it WAS more than perfect timing to drop it to help promo not only the Block members, to familiarize yourself with our faces (you'll be seeing ALOT of us next year starting with THIS weekend LOL), but to help you understand how SERIOUS our (first ever in the city) NYE party "OCEAN'S 13" will be! So without further ado, here's some descriptive commentary by artist Chris Faust on the Block Boys lifestyle. FYI: the track was done by none other than producer J Kits (Google him!) who just completed several tracks on Trey Songz latest album. Yeah..we're that MAJOR!

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