Friday, December 14, 2012

"The End Is Near!" -Plans Till The End Of The Year & Beyond!

Oh you thought Santa was busy around this time of year huh? That old man ain't got S**T on the Block Association this season! Real talk, we have a NICE lil' line up to set up to end of the year off right my friend. We got some GREAT news and ALMOST great news that we wanna share. Okay okay okay, first off TONIGHT the team was hired to launch a BRAND NEW venue in the W.Village called CAPPELLO with a Grand Opening that will lead into a weekly Friday affair if all goes according to plan (I.E. you show yo ass up tonight & support lol)! We're calling it "Feel Good Fridays" but has since shortened it to "GOOD FRIDAYS" moving forward. BONG! So that's that...Then next week (December 20, 2011 from 7-12am) we'll be guest hosting the 3rd Annual Holiday Dreams toy drive for the less fortunate ones @ Cornerstone Restaurant and Bar (271 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn, NY). Next day after that we're right back inn CAPPELLO for our 1st Annual " BAD SANTA" Holiday Office Party! We're a business right? We have a office correct? So why can't we do an office party?!? Dec. 28th CAPPELLO again for another edition of "GOOD FRIDAYS" ('s a weekly people!) Then (listen up clearly now) Sunday Dec. 30th we start a NEW year ending tradition with "the POWER Brunch!" Thee LARGEST daytime brunch event ever thrown in NYC! AND (get this) the 1st EVER brunch party thrown in SLATE (54 W.21st St)...PERIOD! Now we've done daytime events with both BlackLight Entertainment and Showcase Entertainment before, but never both AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! Say it with me...TRIFECTA! If you're NOT excited about what you just read then I'm not quite sure you understand the language that I'm speaking! Maybe you ain't hearing me right but I basically saying THREE of the most respected event NYC... on ONE daytime event! (Jumping around like I got the Holy Ghost!) WOO! That's rare ni**a! Rick Flair ni**a! WOO! The power's in my hair ni**a! Pop a molly I'm sweatin' WOO! LMFAO! So yeah you get it, that one will be MAJOR! Almost bigger than the NYE event we're STILL in the mist of planning. Just trying to fine tune this so it's to you guys liking. SORRY for the wait. Anyways here photos from our last meeting deep in back and forth 2 hr debate about WHAT to freakin' order for food!!! SMDH. FYI..frank's & burger (inside joke). Oh before I forget I "leaked" some flier images for that "POWER" joint tell me which one you're digging the most!

Which One Best Reps "POWER" To you?

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