Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"The Reef, The Reef, The Reef Is On Fire!!!" -Thinking Ahead About Going Away

For as long as I can remember, since the inception of the Block Association, we've always casually tossed around the idea of doing an "away" travel destination trip to give our followers/supporter the same great experience we're always striving for...but on another coast. So now that our movement is stronger than EVER, we recently decided to "explore" the possibility more seriously. Places like Cancun (over done), Aruba (over priced), and London (over seas) were on the list, but blazing a NEW trail is always the goal for us. So through some heavy Internet (soul) searching & an a few associated insider suggestions, Tulum /Playa De Carmen, Mexico came up on the top on the list. Budget friendly pricing, all-inclusive (DRINKS & food!), spacious resort grounds, pool/spa/beach options, and lastly just plain ol' SEXY like a MF'er (!) were the criteria needed to green light our next year venture.  Names were thrown in a hat and '"luck me." I became the one to lead the "scouting party"for a 2hr 20min flight into Cancun w/ a short 20 min shuttle ride to the resort (the Reef) in Playa De Carmen. Woe is me. After being delayed on a 9:40am for 3hrs over some leaking whatever, I arrived just in time for the buffet style dinner display. BTW they have freakin' FOUR restaurants in total on the resort grounds (last one closes at 2am). I was beat from a whole day of travel so I took my ass to bed, only to wake up bright and early to scope out the place and take pics before folks starting spilling out of bed. An speaking of bed, there was a mix up with room bookings so I had to share a room with a former runner up for Brazil's "Miss Bum Bum" pageant?!? But I didn't fuss an make an ass (no pun intended) of myself fussing about it, cause I need help on my Brazilian accent/language lessons any ol' way...WIN WIN! With only a single bed in the room my lessons had to go into crash course mode A$AP ROCKY! LMAO Anyway back to the actual trip, I must stay I was one of my BEST experiences being out of the country! Besides the GREAT weather, the more than friendly staff, the AWESOME food, the round the clock cocktails, it was just DOPE being away for a few days.  I gathered all the info I could muster on the spot and spoke extensively to management there about accommodating a large party of black affluent black folks, looking to turn S**T up! So fingers crossed once I run er'thang pass my team, and run it up the pole, crossing all the T's and what not (as Keith "MAJOR" would say) Hopefully the Block Association will be able to present this as a yearly travel option to our good people that attend our events all year round. Oh and my Brazilian "roommate" "Miss Bum Bum" told me to tell you "Alo" & "Beijos!" That's "hello" and "kisses to you b***hes!" FYI. the rest of my trip I spent modeling for Adidas lifestyle footwear for men those are the pics you'll see at the end. GREASE!

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