Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Now Everybody do the POWER Clap..." -Bragging Rights To The Largest Brunch Party Ever Attempted...EVER!

Now I TOLD you we have ONE last mega colossal huge brunch to close out the year right? Well it's now OFFICIAL!!! Sunday Dec. 30th we're starting a NEW year ending tradition with "the POWER Brunch!" Thee LARGEST daytime brunch event ever thrown in NYC! AND (get this) the 1st EVER brunch party thrown in SLATE (54 W.21st St)...PERIOD! Now we've done daytime events with both BlackLight Entertainment and Showcase Entertainment before, but never both AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! Say it with me...TRIFECTA! If you're NOT excited about what you just read then I'm not quite sure you understand the language that I'm speaking! Maybe you ain' t hearing me right but I basically saying THREE of the most respected event groups...in NYC... on ONE daytime event! (Jumping around like I got the Holy Ghost!) WOO! That's rare ni**a! Rick Flair ni**a! WOO! The power's in my hair ni**a! Pop a molly I'm sweatin' WOO! LMFAO!

FYI: we have 12 limited edition "POWER" fliers for this one event, collect 'em all!

Sunday Dec 30th
the Power Brunch 
@ Slate -54 W. 21ST (Btwn 5th & 6th Ave)
3pm to 10pm 
Music by DJ Trauma, Frei Speech & Danny Ocean 
Hosted by the Block Boys x BlackLight Ent x Showcase Ent x Empire Entity 
CLICK HERE www.thepowerbrunch.eventbrite.com 
Table Reservation + Bottle Service, Bday Celebration Contact theblockRSVP@gmail.com 

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