Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Just Throw It In The Bag!" -My Most Wanted X-Mas List

Both friends and family claim EVERY YEAR round Christmas time that "It's SO hard to shop for you! You're so picky OR you have EVERYTHING!" Ummm...not quite. I just don't like cheap bulls#@* gifts that look like NO thought what so ever was put into getting it for the intended person (that person being me)! True I don't really NEED anything, but what I WANT is a whole 'nother story all together folks. So I've taken my time to make things a bit easier for my loved ones to ensure that they don't get the screw face turned up lips when I shred the gift wrapping paper early X-mas morn. Get a pen & pad.

Now WHO doesn't need a new bottle of "smell good"? Especially a top rated one? Hey if it from good ol' Canal St. it's fine by me as long as the bottle LOOKS official out the box, I'm OK with that. This one pictured is Bvlgari BLV Cologne for Men by Bvlgari. Wear this and asking for the digits and buying drinks in clubs become a thing of the pass! TRUST!

My ol' ass iBook G4 is slower than MTA weekend trains at night! But I being patiently saving up to cope a new lappy. Well I've waited LONG ENOUGH! And I would pay good money for this new Mac Book Air for a lap dance with me! No more getting outbid at the last min on Ebay anymore! I can be the first to comment on all the geek sites I frequent now, AND I can finally watch all the on-line porn at the speed rate it was meant to be watched at! No more sound delay like an old karate flick!

Speaking of Apple, I'm really warming up to these iPad thingys that's all the rage. Now that I got the inside scoop that I CAN blog on the damn thing too, I'm even more interested in getting my Apple loving hands on one. Besides I can't be lugging my NEW Mac Air all over the place right?

I've been meaning to pick up one of these things for the longest and just never got around to doing it. Exactly "what" this is is the JBL sound iPod docking speaker system. It's the latest model sporting surround sound that they just released in time for the holidays. I love listening to music around the crib. And my only option to play my iPod loud was to connect it to my TV audio inputs (crazy MacGuyver s#@* huh?)

Now WHO couldn't use another pair of kicks in their closet? Especially a pairs of Y-3's? I had my eye on these hi top studded Honja bad boys for a minute, but now that Christmas is here, they would be more stylish if Santa came down the chimney with these joints. Both rock'em and gift wrapped w/ my name on 'em!

I gotta HUGE (Mr. Blonde) poster that looks EXACTLY like this nice & neatly rolled up in a corner of my "inspiration room" just DYING to be framed! It's the last missing piece to be placed on the wall, and I've just been "beating around the bush" getting it done. If you would be so kind to help me out with that, then BONG! One gift off my list is down, and a few more to go.

Just RECENTLY got a Playstation 3 console, and I'm hearing that NO game collection would be complete without the game Call Of Duty: Black Ops. I'm seeing the commercials on every other minute and I must admit "The s#@t looks damn good!" But to get my hands on it would be the ultimate test. Sooooo....Thank you for not making me beg.

And while we're on the subject of Play
, ummm, I need another Dual
shock 2 controller
if I'm ever to have the homies over (homies being my nephews) to play any two player games. So kill two birds with one stone while you're in Gamestop and pick this up too. LOL!

YES! I know you're saying "Don't you have a NEW camera already?" That would be a "yes" (a G11 Canon by the way), but ever good budding photographer ALWAYS has two for good measure. And the one I got my eye on is the Canon Rebel EOS T2i 550D! Not only does it take better picture than the one I currently own, it also has 1080 HD quality video to boot! So now all those "trailers" the Block Association shoots to promote our events can be shot crystal clear! I can get my Hype Williams on with this muther. Go check Craig's list, I KNOW somebodies gotta be selling theirs on there for cheap! Lens and all!

So my G11 Canon doesn't feel "abandon
I could use a nice carrying case (like this leather one here) that has that old school retro look to it. Swanky right?

Lastly, I could use another watch yo. Ever well dressed man SHOULD own a dress watch and a casual watch so I choose this Marc Jacobs "Rivera" to be the casual choice. Simple yet stylish right? I comes in all white too, so no, I won't be mad if you couldn't track this one down for me.

Soooo, that's my list folks. Looks EXPENSIVE huh? Well there's nothing on here that's over a thousand dollars folks. WHAT?!!? I'm a grown ass man now! You can't get away with some cheap ass stocking stuffer thinking I'm OK with that. Oh HELL nah! I'd rather help you figure out something I wanted than embarrass both of us by asking for the receipt OR re-gifting stuff! Thank you and good night!

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