Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"The Swan That Laid The Golden Globe Egg" -Black Swan Review

Have you seen this movie YET? Trust me if you have then you'd be talking about it too! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, WHATEVA! This is the type of cinema experience that I'm glad to plop down money for and STILL get the DVD! YES, it was just that good. Not to give away too too much, but the story/plot follows "Nina" (Natalie Portman) as a "dancer in waiting" in a ballet troupe that's eager for "the come up" in the wake of the shows aging star exiting the production early, due to a forced retirement. Portman does some of her best acting yet (since her debut turn in "the Professional") as a insecure, sheltered young dancer living with an overbearing mother. That turns to purging and paranoia to cope with the pressures of maintaining the image of a twin role in a production of "Swan Lake". Fighting off sexual advances from the head stage director, her understudy, and accusations of sleeping to get the job from the former lead and EVERYONE else, her mind spirals down a rabbit hole of delusions and the film's director takes us (the audience) right down with her! Brilliantly! Usually I'm always sitting in the dark waiting to see if the ending I predicted was right. Not THIS time, with this film, I was LITERALLY in the dark! I wasn't sure WHAT was going on! And I mean that in a GOOD way! Every 5 minutes I was like WTH, WTF, SMH, and even LOL. seriously other than "Let Me In" this was my surprise hit of the year film wise for me. Well written, well acted, and well directed. Best sexual thriller since ummm...well since "Eyes Wide Shut" I will say. "Swan" has feathers but it's NO light-weight! Fly to see this film! I give it 5 out of 5 M's! Here are some DOPE poster variations that I came across below:

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