Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Thank You, & Good Night!" -the Minority Report's Holiday Office Party

any thanks, to all those that have contributed to the ever growing popularity of the Minority Report's success! This year has been PHENOMENAL! And you had a helping hand with that. We've clocked over 100,000+ hits this year (up 20,000 more than last year), so what better reason to celebrate than NOW? We all know that being a socialite in a social circle of creative people (especially in NYC) at times you don't have time to actually be social! So before the holiday "madness" sets in we're taking a moment to wind down and get together for drinks, a game of pool, and GREAT music, and MORE drinks (LOL). Everything from Fela to Drake, and all the faces you SHOULD know will play host!

Thurs. Dec.23rd -Christmas Eve eve
"the Minority Report's 1st Annual Office Party"
the Emerson - 561 Myrtle Avenue bwtn. Classon & Emerson Place
(Clinton Hills, Bklyn)
Music by the M Report & the Ahficionados and Soundproof Intl'
Hosted by the Block Association, (producer) Rich Younglord, (rap artist) Christ Faust, (artistic muse/model/singer) Deb Rivas, Reese Splendid, Netic (Game Rebellion), Rasu & Daoud (Coup D'etat BK), (photog) Kwesi Abbennsetts, Shimy Balboa (Hot Rod Records), Butch Diva & Brooklyn's best party goers
FREE admission ALL NIGHT
Pool table on premises

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