Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Buried Alive, With Snow Way Out!" -the White Out In NYC

Help me understand WHY for three FREAKIN' days has there been a bus and countless other cars stranded on my block! This is NOT the first or the LAST snow storm NYC has seen, so WHY is the clean up the worst? I admit it was exciting to see it for a day or so, (it felt like I was living on a movie set) but ummm enough is enough Bloomie! I had to stop and take a pick of this s#@t here to convey the view from my window. In the great words of Kanye "I'm so applauded!"


Anonymous said...

I'm so appalled. I have two buses and a fire truck blocking major streets over by me.

samantha said...

Maddness! My streets are blocked off with snow piled in the streets. No plows have been out by me. People are shoveling the street not the sidewalk the street!

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