Thursday, May 3, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 281)

THANK GOD for pictures man! If not for these images posted below, I wouldn't have ANY recollection of this night even happening...true story! If some pictures appear blurry or outta focus it's cause ummm I was drunk...DUH! So now that that's out there, let me proceed to explain WHAT exactly you're looking at below. PURE DEBAUCHERY at it's finest! We had originally had planned to do a very intimate low-profile surprise b'day party for Block Association member Lyshaan "L.A." Hall to be held at 40/40. Ya know something a lil' more casual, & for the folks that didn't make it out for the fashion event b'day held at Pisano's. But when wind got to us that Jay-Z himself was booking out the spot he owns for the night, we "Plan B'd" it and took the "b'day roast/toast" over to our version of Cheers...Beauty & Essex. We sent out some selective redirection texts and BONG,,,the party was back on! Not only was the liquor flowing WAY to wavy, the music was top notch that night too. Then to top thangs off a couple of notables like Kevin Liles (Def Jam president), Consequence (former G.O.O.D. music artist), and soft porn blogger / hero to ass lovers everywhere 4o oz. Van (peep his site fellas, but NOT at work were in the building to toast with the Block Boys! Hey if you're a "late night, grab a bite, gotta work in the morning, but I'll be alright" type of person hit us with you're BBM pin # or a contact # to text to if you wanna join us for future "late night randomness" LOL!

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