Friday, May 11, 2012

"Go, Go , Go, GO DJ!" -DJ Trauma's Turn In The Spotlight

I don't care if you have the finest venue in the city, a crowd full of magazine cover looking people, and a couple of celebrity notables hang out. NO party is ever really a "PARTY" unless the DJ is spot on! I've been out to a ton of events, where all the right elements are in play, but if that mothereffin' DJ ain't rocking! I'm NOT talking no radio/celebrity type DJs...I'm not really moved by all. Okay if it's a PJ party filled with KING magazine looking chicks...then you got me. I wouldn't give a DAMN about no stinking DJ! But this isn't the case most times. Anyways I say this to say, I'm glad to say that we (the Block Association) have one of THEE BEST in the city on our team, get familiar, you are now rocking with the best! DJ Trauma is down with us! Peep the videos featuring him rocking two TOTALLY different crowds and #winning!

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