Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 284)

I originally WAS gonna break this post up into two parts but MANNNN I got so much other other new pics to post I said awww f**k it, I'll just give 'em the goods all at ONE TIME! And it's ALOT folks! Why cause Pranna last Sunday for the Memorial Day weekend event T.R.O.Y. was packed at 11:30! THAT's why! I knew from the RSVP's alone this was going be a winner but didn't predict it to be so nutso SO early. I guess saving that $20 by RSVP list REALLY works huh? Yo asses got there on time for once! LOL.  But the Block Association & BlackLight Entertainment DID NOT disappoint right? DJ Trauma was absent (but he's making up for it this coming Monday: flier details below pics) so DJ Goldfinger stepped in to chalk out all the dance floor he mudered! HAHAHAHA With the assist of Soundproof's / Block Boy Silky Valente' doing mic duties it made for a ALMOST perfect night. What would have made it perfect woulda been if I got at least ONE more drink outta the damn 6 bottles we ordered! SMMFDH! Anywho, we're are cleaning up something NICE for our brother DJ TRAUMA's b'day bash THIS MONDAY (June 4th) folks at the very so classy Veranda from 6-12pm so please feel free to hang out with us Prim & Proper dinner style:

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