Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Idol Time On My Hands!" -Two Memorable Performances Last Night On American Idol

Now I've been an avid watch of American Idol for as long as the program has been on the air. Even if I don't follow the WHOLE season I at least get the brief updates on who's making a buzz on the show. Anyways I say all this to say that, after missing most of this year's episodes I was finally around last night long enough to catch a full show on air and not pre-recorded on Hulu or something like that. LOL! Anyhow I got say the video posted below are THEE BEST single performances I've ever seen in my history of viewing the show on one entire night! I was honestly moved! Not to tears but MOVED none the lesser. I'm not sure just WHO'S gonna take it this year outta these two (I'm leaning towards Jessica) only cause I'm not sure if Idol is ready for a GAY BLACK winning contestant...(I'm assuming of course) But if folks are casting on talent alone...good luck on that one! This will be a close one to call. Even though it's not as moving as it was LIVE (on air) I still posted their performances so you can understand why I'm even commenting on this.

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