Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Flashing Light" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 283)

In the words of the great P. Diddy "I thought I told you that we won't stop!" With over 600+ RSVPs leading up to the day (and DURING the event...sheesh!) it's safe to say that the "Kiss the Sky" brunch party was an instant HIT! Old friends & new came out for one glorious celebration of life itself and the start of the summer. And if I must say EVERYONE looked GOOOOOD! Not only was it a great mix of people, the attire was on point as well. Besides soaking up sun rays three stories above city streets, folks sure did soak up their fair amount of liquor and other fine spirits as well. LOL! But no one got TOO TOO drunk...well...all except...nah I don't name names but just call him "C.B. Jr." to protect his innocence. HAHAHAHA! Anyways, kudos to you folks. It was YOU that once again made the Block Association's movement back to quality casually upscale events something REAL to believe can happen again in New York. And we THANK YOU for that. But we're not resting on our past success. Oh no, we have yet ANOTHER HUGE holiday banger coming up THIS SUNDAY (May 27th) for the long Memorial Day weekend. Putting a twist on the memorial theme, "T.R.O.Y." (held a Pranna) will toast the lives of music's greatest talents that has passed away. Conducted by myself and the modern day legend DJ GOLDFINGER w/ Silky Valente' doing mic duties. I posted the flier below for full details. Also rsvp is FREE for ladies reduced from men till 12am just hit up theBlockRSVP@gmail.com  ASAP! Damn almost forgot... save the date (Monday June 4th) for a HUGE "Prim & Proper" dinner party event @ VERANDA for the Block Association's very own DJ Trauma...the official DJ for the Brooklyn Nets! Ya heard!?! Now go enjoy ya life while we enjoy ours. Pictures are proof.

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