Thursday, March 8, 2012

"One Lucky S.O.B." -Bilal Live @ S.O.B.'s Valentine's Day Night

Almost a month ago, a couple of Tuesdays past (Valentine's Day to be exact), I treated myself to catch a "holiday" concert appearance by the soul stylistic singer Bilal.  Not only was it a PACKED to the brim house, even the reserve seating was TIGHT! Kudos to the wait staff that was able to maneuver their way through that restless crowd. Skillful indeed. Anyways, after a 1hr. 1/2 wait for show time he FINALLY took stage and destroyed any worries that it would be good. Now I've seen Bilal WAY TOO many times that I can count but yet I was STILL impress by the set and musicianship his band displayed! Awesomeness! Well if you missed it you can count on me to bring you not only pictures this time but some video clips as well! ENJOY!

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