Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.278)

Been around the world and I-I-I! What you are witnessing folks in the pictures below are the very last images shot at the FINAL "Prim & Proper" dinner party held at DUO restaurant this past Monday. But fear not, the event WILL still go on! We're just moving it once again to a all new location. Just WHERE you ask? Well our new digs will be none other than the newly renovated ($10 million worth) 40/40 club owed by Jay-Z! Or Mr. Hova as he's exclusively referred to as by the Block Boys. This will be the VERY FIRST dinner party ever held there (PERIOD!) and will serve as the finale to our "April Is Black Fashion Month" celebration! So save-the- (mother freakin') date: Monday April 30th. Got it? GOOD! Anyway, speaking of 40/40, the Boys and I stopped by there this past Saturday to say farewell to Tiara Perry who's going off to make a name for herself out in San Fran's new Uniqlo digs. Congrats to her. AND we took a spin over to Norwood to S/O Darien Hall for his b'day too all in one LOOOOOONG night! So After the "Prim & Proper" joints I added those pics from Saturday's club hopping too. Enjoy...

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