Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paprazzi Pics (Pt. 270)

PLEASE tell me you had to be out of town, or had a prior engagement that could NOT be broken. I'll even believe a family emergency as an excuse! If you weren't preoccupied by one of those three things, I see NO reason whatsoever that you could have miss this past Sunday's "the Country Club" brunch party (Hosted by Gary Grant & the Block Boys) held at the overwhelmingly beautiful Duo restaurant! Okay okay you're NOT a morning / evening socialite, I get that. Then WHAT happening to you making it to the "La Vita" after party @ Hotel Chantelle? If you missed THAT one, it's an epic #fail on your behalf man. Don't get me wrong the daytime brunch party was "the bizness!" But when we reach H.C. by 10:30 to all meet up again to celebrate a ton of b'day parties, namely the Block Association's media guru Gary M.F. Jourdain, that's when the ties came off, and the bobby pins came out the hair!  Special S/O to both DJ C. Devone (Duo) & DJ Goldfinger (Hotel Chantelle) that did an AMAZING job with each set played at both locations. Pure AWESOMENESS! I wanna say that Sunday was THEE BEST double header / back to back event we've EVER pulled off! But the year JUST started, so I'll save the applause for the next one we're planning on doing. THANK YOU for attending and showing non-believers that NYC still can pull off a rabbit trick and produce good looking, quality events. And THANK YOU to Melissa Rogers, Alicia Reynolds, Timia Walker, and of course baby bro Gary Jourdain for letting us have the honor of hosting your b'days! THANK YOU to for coming out & capturing the looks too. Salute' and see you guys at the next "Prim & Proper' our last Monday of the month (Jan. 30th) fashionable dinner parties. RSVP NOW!
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Asher Wilkins said...

Always raising the bar. Ill see you at the next "Prim & Proper" event. Bless

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