Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Super Ugly!" -Every Super Bowl Party NEEDS A Half-Time Commercial! Here Is The Block's

Wait...I KNOW you didn't think we were going to do another HUGE event and NOT have a "trailer" for it did you? If you answered "NO!" then you're God damn right! We HAD to release one for this year's "My Uber Sunday" Super Bowl party, especially being that this is not only the 3rd annual one, but it's the BIGGEST one yet! Plus it'll be hosted in the city at Chelsea Piers (bowling lanes) this time around w/ BOWLING included FREE. Sorry Brooklyn, we had to leave our beloved town for this one. But don't be upset at us, you're invited too. The Block movement can't grow unless we touch ALL boroughs right? Or at least a borough EVERYONE can get to...correct? Anyways, what's the one thing folks always remember about the Super Bowl? I mean BESIDES the half-time show! The commercials right! So to promote our football meets bowling soiree' we took the liberty to create our own Coors Light moment (I'll explain why Coors Light at a later time). Thanks to all our "non" actors that participated in helping with our "vision" (LOL). 90% of the content was made up on the spot! But I think it came out pretty dope if you ask me. Kudos you guys! Oscars for everyone! Well...at least SAG awards. LMAO. Hopefully you RSVP'd to attend already right? Nah? Oh then get THAT straight FIRST then watch this! Makes more sense. Send names to... theBlockRSVP@gmail.com

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