Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 272)

Man, talk about better late than EVER!!! About a month ago I had this dream where I was attending an event packed front to back with beautiful people all well dressed dancing, and toasting the start of a new year! Come to find out thanks to these pictures I wasn't dreaming AT ALL! It's was actually images from our very last Prim & Proper dinner party (@Hotel Chantelle) in December and the Franklin & Dean New Year's Eve event the became a champagne memory lost but not forgotten. THANK GOD a camera was present so EVERYTHING was a total lost. Oh BTW Prim & Proper for this month (Mon. Jan. 30th) will be CANCELLED! Yes CANCELLED! Sorry for any inconvenience but we're planning something HUGE for the following month of February to come back STRONG so we're taking the night off.  So save these dates Sun. Feb 5th (possible Superbowl party???) Sunday Feb. 19th Sunday brunch day party (@Pranna) & after party (@ Hotel Chantelle) President's wknd. And lastly (Mon. Feb 27th) Prim & Proper Black HIStory month dinner party. RSVP to theBlockRSVP@gmail.com for all events.

FYI; Video footage from "Franklin & Dean" NYE is coming soon!!! EPIC stuff...

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