Friday, January 20, 2012

"The Emperor's NEW Clothes!" -Minority Report Exclusive Recap Of Capsule '11

It had ALMOST slipped my mind, but THANK GOD I remembered check my e-mails to confirm the last date of Capsule (retail trade show) wasn't missed. And just my luck...It wasn't! WHEW! So after work I made my way down to their newest location, somewhere I wasn't familiar with, on the West end side of town. Google mapped it, was preregistered already, got the "entree beads" and started to make my rounds. Gotta say they outdid themselves this year! It was OVERWHELMING the sheer amount of booths and brands that were set up around the MASSIVE space! I didn't know WHERE to start! I ran into stylist and image consultant Keino Benjamin and just shadow him for a while going from booth to booth getting a feel from what's to come for the coming seasons. I made a short list of the brands that you DEFINITELY need to start checking for if you haven't started already. I placed stars next the brands I feel will be break out fashion phenoms. Plus I posted pics of stuff that caught my eye that NEED to go in my closet ASAP!

Dehen 1920, Monitaly, *Sons Of Heroes, Will Leather Goods, The West Is Dead, Wheelmen & Co., Barque, Cro' Jack, Lafco, White Raven, V:: Room, Yarnz, Repo Brand, *Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, *Shades Of Gray by Micah Cohen, Eastland, *Ovadia & Sons, Ian Velardi, Florshiem By Duckie Brown, Falgren, *Del Toro Shoes, *B:Scott, Golden Hook, Cliff Belts, Naked & Famous Jeans

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Solid article and great pictures !!!

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