Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.266)

Man I GOTTA chill with all the hanging out! Cause I fell so WAY WAY behind on posting some dope ass events that I had the pleasure of attending. Allow me to bring you up to speed. Now the first batch of pics in this gallery are from a night out at the Fashion Forty club (I think it was a Tuesday, if I'm not mistaken) where they were hosting a web site launch party for That must've NOT sent any invites to any dudes, cause for a while I was like the ONLY person in the room with testicles! Not that I'm upset about any of that, I'm just sayin'! It was a room full of motivation inspiring women that I'm TOO lazy to name names at this present time. So just take my word for it, and you're good. The 2nd batch of flicks are from the "Bruekelen Afterdark" pop-up wine shop / art gallery at Synergy (in Brooklyn) I hosted a few Saturdays ago. And AGAIN it was a lil' light on the guy percentage! I was thinking "Fellas, the ladies are coming out TO get tipsy! So what's the problem? Do I have to write a manual? SHEESH!" However the guys that DID come out to attend were well dressed gents that know how to appreciate a good event full of women & wine. LOL.
Then the last set of flicks are from a Monday night event the JI Group held at the spaciously beautiful Skyroom in the city for "A Belle In Brooklyn" book signing w/ author Demetria L. Lucas. The turnout was AWESOME! I even added some video from this event commissioned by Ms. Lucas herself! Run, go peep it!

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