Monday, November 26, 2012

"It Just FEELS Different!" -New Direction, New Movement, New Year''s Eve!

 Well, well, well. As they say "What good is the race if you don't cross the finish line" right? We've been "running" the Summer all this year with our line up of spectacular rooftop Sunday brunch parties! Did we not? And we had you "running" all over town introducing you to all new, never been exploited, venues around the city. Correct? We've done the Target 1st Saturday's at the Brooklyn Museum, b'day parties in a high end men's store on Madison Ave. & hotel suites. A fantastic looking monthly dinner party series (Prim & Proper). Co-hosted a Bed-Stuy block party/concert (Spread Love Fest)...I could go on and on, but point is WE'VE DONE ALOT! A we appreciate and THANK YOU for rocking with us every venture we do. But please believe folks, we've far from done yet! This New Year's Eve "OCEAN'S 13" will be our FINEST moment. A real "game changer" on how folks bring in the New Year. Ok, so here's the details so far. This year we will be moving our highly anticipated year end celebration over the bridge to TriBeca, but not just at ANY venue (location to be announced soon). This year will be more intimate and exclusive (half the crowd of last year's 700+ ppl). Not here's the REAL twist, the "OMG moment" you might say. Ok so after the bar has been closed, last call has been yelled out, the final toast has been toasted, ANOTHER party will start from 4am-7am! YEP a breakfast party! So all that looking for a diner to soak up all that liquor...DONE! All that scrambling to get a last minute number...DONE! All that trying to catch a cab, then a 30 min wait to be served...DONE! Even folks that didn't bring in the New Year's in with us (at other parties around town) are invited to come eat and break (corn) bread.  Exciting huh?! Soulful music, TOP CHEF prepared breakfast, new faces...sounds pretty HISTORIC if you ask me. Well that's it for now, please bear with us I'll have more details (I.E. pricing of NYE tix, RSVP link for after hours breakfast party, DJ's playing, etc) as the date gets closer. Until then PLEASE attend our FINAL "the Country Club" brunch party at BRAVO's Top Chef studio Sunday Dec. 2  2pm-8pm hosted by Gary Grant, Calcie Cooper (the Social Broker), and the Block Association collectively.

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