Friday, May 3, 2013

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 308)

If last Sunday wasn't the BIGGEST comeback story of the year, I don't know WHAT is!!! After a failed attempt to relocate our last minute venue cancellation, we decided to fall back and focus on how to make our stapled event "FASHION 500" relevant this year to the fashion savvy. 2 months for us is an eternity for not doing an event but it was JUST enough time we need to pull off the greatest "we're back!" party I've ever seen. Words can't describe the feeling, the vibe, the look, or how simply beautiful the spot (Hotel On Rivington) was filled front to back (and side room) with fashionably stylish people. AMAZING! So I'll let this 1st set of photos (there's 3 in total) do the talking for us. THANK YOU on behalf of Lyshaan "L.A." Hall who was celebrating his b'day, myself for successfully launching a new photography site And YOU for help us make "April is Black Fashion Month" history!  I'll share some GREAT news with you shortly after you view all three sets.


Vertie Martin said...

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harada57 said...
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