Friday, March 29, 2013

"Breaking Bad" -Bad News On A Good Friday

Sorry to have to break this to you, but as responsible host it's our unfortunate duty to sadly announce that the Easter Sunday event we so carefully had been planning for a month is now CANCELLED! Repeat "RSVP ONLY" @RSVP (the venue)Why? Well in short the most important element of hosting an event is missing...the venue! Sold to new owners, RSVP, the venue of choice, left us with a few days to scramble to relocate our 300+ RSVP attendees to a spot with the same level of "swanky-ness" But ummm NO dice. And the fact that most other spots are closed due to it being a holiday (duh!), left us with a "homeless" event. So again fellas no chocolate bunnies for us on Sunday. :-( they melted in our pockets. But on the sunny side up "Fashion 500" the HUGE event honoring people of color in the fashion industry, returns for the 4th year for our branded "April is...Black Fashion Month" Sunday April 28th! Save it. Besides they're predicting rain on Sunday ANYWAY! Ok, ok, I just said that to make myself feel better about it being cancelled, but I'm STILL bummed out.

SAVE THE DAMN DATE! Sunday April 28th

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