Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 279)

Okay folks, help me make sense of this. Beautiful weather, awesomely new lavish location, added with a wonderful crowd and music vibe! So WHY we're you a no show? I'm mainly talking to the FELLAS out there really. It was a "trailer load of girls" video in there and I'm not making that up! I'm just asking cause we've worked hard to maintain the high level of women that attend, so don't go complaining you CAN'T find a "good woman." It was plenty...plenty...PLENTY of them that showed out (and OFF) at our 3rd Annual "Fashion 500" Gala to celebrate the start of Black Fashion Month.  Now you can't say "Oh I didn't get the e-mail / text / BBM blast / video teaser / Facebook invite about it!" You're a freakin' LIAR! I'm not gonna twist your arm about it anymore, I'm just gonna SHOW you (via pictures) of what I'm trying to articulate to you in full details! Don't think that this is a rant, I'm just speaking up for the ladies on this one. They don't believe that we DO invite you guys out! But you know how that "you can lead a horse to water..."  saying goes right?  It's only 9 of us in the Block Association...we can't love 'em all! We'd LOVE to (j/k but not really) but we're not greedy. Just dress yo self better and come enjoy. You might meet someone that will change ya life! Now put that in your Easter basket and smoke it! LOL. THANK YOU to Toshi, J.R. and the staff over at Toshi's Livingroom for having us. And THANK YOU to all that turned that b***h out last Sunday. We'll be back like Jesus, soon come.

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