Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 275)

Okay people, We've (the Block Association) given you FIVE (count 'em 1-2-3-4-5) options to come be apart of our first ever "BLOCK HISTORY MONTH" line-up of events. Please for the love of God tell me you didn't miss this Sunday's past event! Which one? You're f**king kidding me right? I'm talking about the unexpected, yet exceptionally DOPE ass brunch party "Any Given Sunday" held at Pranna (w/ the after party at Hotel Chantelle) for President's weekend! If you missed THAT one...well just don't get out do you? Anyway Sunday was the perfect storm, not only was the venue of the the best NYC has to offer, we also had two large b'day parties (Tricia Lee / Polish Bar and Tonya Palmer Hayes) and awesome collabo w/ BlackLight Ent. on top of a holiday weekend! KA-BOOM! Black dynamite baby! Folks showing up expecting a sweet quiet brunch got a pleasant surprise once the music commanded by the Block Boys (DJ Trauma w/ Silky Valante' & Frei Speech on mic duties) took center stage. The s**t got bananas B-A-NA-NA-S! LOL!  Man I COULD go on and on about how DOPE Sunday brunch was, but eh...that's (Block) history now. we're looking to make the future just as much a success. But this time we want you along with us to enjoy the ride! What's NEXT for us you ask? Well Monday (fingers crossed) we'll be closing out Block History Month with our infamous last Monday of the month dressy dinner party "Prim & Proper" @ DUO restaurant on Madison Ave (near 28th St) So sign up NOW to be on the list ( and the first to hear about it . Ciao' mein! Thank YOU and good night!

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Stanford Smith said...

What a fantastic night! Cheers to the Block Association for Bringing Sexy BLACK! Ladies & Gentleman you all took Class, Style & Swag to a new level!
Stanford Smith

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